Advance guitar lessons (online as well)

Do you want to play guitar? I mean, do you really want to develop the fine art of playing guitar? Do you want to be able to learn how to build nice chord progressions, how to play a solo melody and do solo improvisation, in different styles of music and on all different types of guitars? Have you always wanted to learn that song from your favorite CD but can’t get the right notes and chords? Do you need to train your ear? Do you need a good method to be able to learn to play blues, classical, folk or rock as quickly as possible?

Not previous experience required

I have more than 35 years’ experience teaching music. I speak English and Spanish and can teach in either language. I have my own music studio in Bad Endorf. I have very affordable rates and a flexible schedule. I teach children and adults of any age. For references click here. In addition of teaching music I perform as a solo classical guitarist and I play with two bands.

Gitarrenunterricht Endorf Prien Rosenheim


I have been taking lessons with Victor Ruiz for over a year. Victor is the best music teacher I have had. His knowledge has no limits. Every week I play beautiful music with as few as one note to a chord progression. Victor has patiently taught me the theory that I have avoided learning in a way that is easy to understand. I leave each lesson with a sense of accomplishment and drive to make my own music. Victor instructs all levels of players to experience the beauty of the guitar and all its aspects. I highly recommend trying him out. You will not be disappointed!

If you want to really play the guitar, stop wasting your time and call Victor. Vic’s method is basically a crash course in advanced music theory for beginners. Regardless of the type of music you are interested in or your ability, Victor will help you achieve your goals. He will also help you develop the mechanics to play the guitar like a professional. I’ve taken lessons from many different people, purchased many books and videos. Victor is the only one who could explain theory in a way that I actually understood. My progress has never been as noticeable since taking lessons with Vic. Best of all is the price for lessons with Victor. For a very reasonable price, You get the guidance of a professional musician. Why would you spend your money for guitar instruction anywhere else?

After taking lessons with another teacher for 5 years i learned my beginner/intermediate skills in the first year or two and then it became just playing rock songs at every lesson and not really getting anything out of the lessons. After starting to take lessons with Victor I’ve learned something from every single lesson. And most importantly I was able to start to start progressing from my plateau. Working mainly on jazz guitar we’ve gone over a lot, things that if you learnt out of a book you’d probably be able to play but with victor I’ve learnt how to apply my knowledge to music. Learning a scale or arpeggio is just learning a scale or arpeggio, but Victor has taught me many applications for anything i learn and always stressed how to incorporate everything into my music. Last but not least he’s a great guy, he’s been an inspiration to me and is sure to be from anyone else who takes lessons from him.

Victor has been working with our daughter for a few months. She was an absolute beginner and he has been very patient and helpful. It is evident that he is a very talented player and his passion for the guitar comes through in his teaching. He emphasizes technique and fundamentals as well as encouraging creativity. We have also been very pleased with his ability to be flexible since our schedule is not always consistent. Overall we’re very pleased to have found Victor; he is a great teacher.

I enjoy Victor’s “teaching methods. He is a great guitar coach. In a few month’s I’ve grown musically by leaps and bounds. Very personable, experienced, dedicated maestro I’m privileged to have met a new friend. Thanks for your guidance William Colon

I’ve had many different guitar teachers throughout my life (about six to be exact), and studying with Victor has been by far the most rewarding experience out of them all. He’s friendly, warm, intelligent, patient, understanding, and – goddamn – can he play. Victor worked with me to accomplish exactly those things I set out to achieve. He was able to effortlessly create a great and conducive atmosphere for playing and learning. He attuned himself to me, he understood where I was heading, and in short, through his efforts we had a genuine musical dialog with one another. Lessons were always comfortable, fun, and to the point. In just a couple months, I remarkably improved my playing and my knowledge of guitar. In other words, whether you’re a beginner or looking to increase your knowledge of guitar and playing competency or explore and develop your own ideas, I cannot recommend Victor enough. [I especially recommend Victor for those wanting to learn more about jazz and classical guitar].